Ok so it's been 17 long days since I updated this and SOOO freaking much has happened, so i'm just going to put some pictures from the past couple of weeks up with captions so everyone can see what i've been upto.

One day I was sitting in my friend Heidi's apartment, when her roommate Carly asked her if she could come in to get a "chemical peel". She is a student at a local beauty school and needed friends to come in so that she could perform certain beauty treatments for her final test so that she could graduate. I asked her what else she was doing and the only thing I recognized was "pedicure", so, realizing it was an opportunity to have someone give me a foot massage for free, I volunteered. Only later did she tell me that I had to have my toes painted as part of her test, and it HAD to be red. So here I am, red toenails and all, getting my first but definitely not last pedicure (it felt soooo good, then again, it was free... haha). And don't worry, as soon as she was done she took the polish off for me.

A couple weeks ago my ward hiked Mt. Timpanogos for a ward activity. We started at 2:00 am because we wanted to be up at the top for the sunrise; not all of us made it to the very top in time to see it, but we were high enough that it was still amazing. It was just under 19 miles and for a lot it was almost straight up. There were cliffs, ice, and I came away with a lot of blisters, but it was one of the best hikes I've ever done.

At just the end of last week, my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Brett and their family vacationed up in Park City. They invited Nicole, Jake, Dad, Kate, and I to come up one day to hang out, have dinner, and go swimming. The resort they stayed at was really nice. This is dad and I riding the tram from the parking lot up to the resort.

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