I Officially Have a Blog

So I have finally given in to the current trend and decided to start blogging. No longer am I at home so I am no longer a part of the family blog, well I am but I'm here and they're there...you get the idea. I am not a writer and since arriving at college I have realized my vocabulary is rather small, so hopefully I can manage. Recently I was also made very aware that you have to be careful about what you put on here; it can make or break you. Please don't judge me too much by how you perceive me through what you read on the internet! I'm reminded of something else I learned in my first few weeks here at college when Elder Bednar gave a talk on the difference between reality and virtual reality. Although this is fun and a cool place for friends and fam to look at pictures and hear what's up in my life, feel free to call so we can talk, or better yet, meet up and have a real conversation! haha Well I really don't have too much else to say, so I guess I'll end here and post some pics. Chow!

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